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PIC Rolls Out 3 New Automation Systems

Competition is stiff in the real estate market these days. If you have any doubt, a quick look at Zillow or Realtor will confirm it’s a seller’s market — and as a result, inventory is sparce and pricey. To maintain profit for our investors, we must find new distressed properties. In addition, volume plays a huge roll in our dividends, so we also need to rehab those new properties in the most efficient manner possible.

To address these challenges, PIC has launched 3 new backoffice automation systems that will help us cultivate the real estate market for 2022 and beyond — addressing both the need for new property acquisitions and project management. PIC has always been quick to pivot, often able to respond to industry trends and make adjustments on-the-fly — as a result, we’ve grown our portfolio responsibly and will continue to do so.

Let’s take a look at what these new systems offer us now — and what they’ll offer when the real estate cycle starts to change direction. As the famous horse trainer Buck Brannaman says, “It’s not about how much pressure you put on, it’s how good you are at taking it off.”

New Acquisitions

One of the most important elements of PIC’s strategy is the acquisition of distressed properties in the Albuquerque, NM market. After all, if we don’t have new properties to rehab, we aren’t making money.

Therefore, PIC has begun rolling out a new telemarketing system designed to locate homeowners who are interested in a fast, no-hassle sale of their property. This new system targets homeowners who meet various demographics — including pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, abandoned properties and those who just need to cash out quickly.

This new system is largely automated, with prerecorded messages designed to qualify homeowners and forward the best prospects to our team of closers, at which point, they’re tracked by our new Lead Tracking system.

Lead Tracking

Long gone are the days of making notes on paper and tracking important deal-dates on a physical calendar — but these days, technology offers much more than just going paperless, and our technology team has moved us into a new era of automation.

In January, we launched a tracking system that automates each and every step of acquisitions — researching viable candidates, making offers, contract signing and more. This new system is integrated into our backoffice which helps us reduce the clutter of redundant systems — and best of all, now the offers can come to us!

In addition to our team of property investigators (who actively search for distressed properties) we’ve added the ability for homeowners to submit their properties directly to us! Coupled together with an aggressive advertising campaign, PIC will soon be the de facto developer for Albuquerque rehabs — providing us with a surplus of projects to cherry-pick, as well as ample inventory for our wholesale channels.

When a new lead is entered into the system, an agent is notified and can begin immediate valuation and rehab budgeting — enabling them to quickly determine a profitable pricepoint, and make an offer. Using Jeffrey’s tried-and-true investor profit formula, our acquisitions agents separate the true golden-nuggets, from the plethora of iron pyrite in the market. From there, an offer is made, contracts are signed, and the new project is added to the schedule — all with prestine automation to keep the momentum rolling.

Project Management

While the previous two systems (Acquisitions & Lead Tracking) save time and resources during the acquisitions phase (much like finding a winning race horse in-the-making), the last critical piece of the puzzle involves industry-leading project management to bring that pony to the finish line.

We’ll win in 2022 by consistently rehabbing a large volume of projects — and to accomplish that, we’re accurately tracking every step, from demolition to final punchlist and inspections! This will increase productivity, while simultaneously reducing the demand on resources.

Each project is created with a template of assigned resources — taking human error out of the equation and insuring that projects run as smoothly as possible.

This new project management platform tracks man-hours, materials, tasks and duties associated with each project — helping our team accomplish their milestones with minimal effort, while also establishing budget analysis to help keep projects under budget.

What’s The End Result For Our Investors?

Our goal at PIC has always been to provide our investors with the highest possible ROI. These new systems will help us do that by minimizing costs through lowered resource demands; maximizing profit by finding those golden-nugget projects quickly; and by managing resources more effectively, so that we maximize volume — generating even more revenue.

What happens after the market changes direction? These systems help us stay lean and trim, with only a handful of administrative personnel required to continually feed our demand for new projects, and manage our crews of rehab professionals. Once inventory reaches equalibrium, we’ll cherry-pick the best opportunities for our rehab pipeline, and continue to offer wholesale-flips to the investors on

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